Practice #3 - 01/21/2017

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What could get in our way this weekend?

  • rain? may you know... Rain or Shine, we run! 
  • Women's March? nope...You might have heard: Women's March is happening in Oakland this coming Saturday! The March meets at 10:00am at Madison Park and starts walking towards the lake at 11:00am. We'll be done by then so just come run!


OUR PLAN: BE DONE by 10:15AM!  

  • All students will run one loop around the lake.   This will be a timed run!  
  • Relax! The timed run is NOT a tryout. Everybody is IN already!  It will just help us organize the groups and match run mentors to each group.
  • This is your own timed run , don't try to run at your friends' pace!
  • Don't go with your friends who are much faster than you! 
  • Don't stay with your friends who are much slower than you!
    • The faster students (under 35-40 minutes) will run an extra mile...


ONE MORE THING: January 21 is the last day to register for the Half Marathon Training!

Practice #5, on Saturday, February 4th,  will be a 5K timed run at Crissy Fields in San Francisco

  • We are reserving a bus to get us there: Bus will leave Oakland (Camron-Stanford House) at 7:45am. That's earlier than usual practice! Can you make it?
  • We'll run from 9am to 10am and get back on the bus at 10am to make it back to Oakland by 11:30am.
  • WE NEED A HEADCOUNT:  Sign the Permission Slip (link)

Top 20 reasons to join RBO 

compiled by Jacqueline Arnoldy, RBO Volunteer & Oakland Tech Teacher

  1. crossing the finish line in a big race with lots of people cheering is an unforgettable feeling
  2. no running experience is necessary
  3. any running pace is welcome 
  4. build community with others
  5. expand your horizons
  6. be brave and get out of your comfort zone
  7. make you, your family, your teacher, your school and your city proud
  8. be a trendsetter and a leader
  9. running with a group is so much easier and more fun than running alone
  10. get a water bottle, a t-shirt and running gears and food at practice
  11. get free entry to some races (just for fun) including one in S.F. for 6th-12th graders (transport provided)
  12. (6th-12th graders) make professional connections and network with adult volunteers in various careers
  13. (6th-12th graders) earn community service hours helping the K-5 students play games and run
  14. meet students from all over Oakland & the Bay Area
  15. get in shape or at least better shape
  16. be healthier by getting more exercise and some nutrition tips
  17. balance the stress of academics and life with physical activity
  18. (9th-12th graders)it is a unique activity to add to your extracurricular list on a college application
  19. (9th-12th graders)it is potentially a wonderful essay topic for your college application
  20. setting a challenging goal & working hard to accomplish it feels great

REMINDER: WIN 2 tickets to a matinee at Grand Lake Theatre?

  • BRING YOUR FRIENDS to run with RBO!
  • You love spending your Saturday mornings with RBO? Share the fun with your friends!
  • For each friend you refer to RBO, you'll get one entry to our raffle.
  • Just make sure your friends tell us when they enroll...
  • RAFFLE Drawing #1 will happen on Saturday, January 21
  • Start spreading the word now! We'll have up to 3 unique winners drawn
  • ONE RULE ONLY: Your friend has to be new to RBO! never run a season with us!

Hold your horses!

Hold your horses!

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Hold your horses / Pace Yourself!

for this week timed run, remember this:

  • First mile: Control your pace!  You should be able to exchange words with your mentor and fellow runners for the first mile. 
  • Second mile:  you can pick up the pace now.
  • Third mile: Keep running, push as hard as you can for the last half mile.
  • Going out too fast? reset!  walk- breathe.
  • if you can’t run anymore: try to alternate walking and running and try to speed up the pace on the last mile.
  • "Slow and Steady wins the race!" ever heard of the Aesop's Fable: the tortoise and the hare?


Saturday, January 21 -

Last chance to register for the Half Marathon Training for High School and Middle School Students

Saturday, February 4th -

Practice at Crissy Fields in SF ( bus trip for Middle School and High School Students)

Saturday, February 11th -

First Practice for all 5K runners

Sunday, February 26th -

LMJS Couple Relay (5K * 2) **

Sunday, April 2nd -

Oakland Running Festival **

Note: no additional charges for the race registrations for all enrolled students - Great Discounts for parents and volunteers.