Practice #4 - 01/28/2017


Great Run last week! Kudos to all our runners!

Check your time and your group (Link)...

Crissy Field 5K Timed Run is NEXT WEEKEND: Saturday, February 4th!

The Bus is reserved! BE ON TIME!

Plan to be at the Lake by 7:35am at the latest! Bus leaves at 7:45am! Back around 11:30am...

Make sure you got your student permission slip signed! (Link)

What's the barcode about? Everybody who signed up will get a card like this one! That's how our times will be tracked....


What's for this week practice?

Warm-up lead by Rick and Daniel

Half Marathon Training: Students will run 4 to 6 miles. Group 1 and 2 will run 6. Group 3 to 5 will run 5. Group 6 and 7 will run at least 4, if not 5.

  • 1st lap: counterclockwise loop around the lake = 3.1.miles
  • 2nd lap: clockwise and
    • turn around at the Nature Center to run 6 miles
    • turn around at the Fairyland boot to run 5 miles
    • turn around at Harrison and Lakeside to run 4 miles

5K Training: 5K students who are in Group 1 to 4 can opt to run with the Half Marathon team. Running more than your target is part of the training and help you build resistance and strengthen your muscles. Otherwise, Students will run 2.5 to 3.1 miles.

  • 3.1 miles = counterclockwise loop around the lake
  • 2.5 miles = start running counterclockwise and turn around at the columns

After the run:

  • hills drills
  • Lounges
  • core-stretching


TIP of the Week:  RUN TALL!

  • Imagine your column stacked under your head

  • Look Straight ahead to the horizon ( not up! not down!)

  • Think as you run: the ball of your foot and heel must be level on ground

  • Remember: to move forward, lean in like to give a kiss!

Not clear enough? check the first 2 minutes of this video (Link) and watch the rest just for more tips....


Something I need from you: TESTIMONIALS!!!

  • Think of why you come and run with RBO! We want to share your love of running with others!
  • We need Testimonials from students and parents. Don't be shy! tell us how RBO has become part of your life...
  • Send me ( a note with  your thoughts! I want them all and will post all of them!
  • Even better: record it and send me  ( a short video to post! or ask to have it recorded at next practice!

Thank you for your help with this project!

Sunday, February 26th: LMJS Couple Relay!

  • Prizes for winners in each age division plus oldest and youngest team.

  • There will be many goodies and prize drawings for all runners (must be present to win)

  • Ask Clark and Sergio! They had fun last year...

Your homework this week: find a partner to run it with you! It can be another student, a run mentor, your parent. You choose!

Next week: the page to register will be up and running so be ready to register for another great race to run with your RBO friends.