2/25/2017 - Practice and Races Info

Practice #8 for the Half Marathon Students


Nutrition Clinic:

Laura, RBO Volunteer and Planning Associate at La Clinica de la Raza will share with us some basic nutrition facts and health tips. 

Last Week Run:

Whether you ran 6 miles, 7,  8 or even 9 miles last Saturday, it was obvious you put all your heart and energy to it! Great Job! And kudos for braving the threats of bad weather. It was nice after all! was not it?

This Week Run:

If you are running the LMJS couple relay on Sunday, let's make sure you take it easy on Saturday and reserve your energy for the race. We'll ask you to run 3 miles max!

if you are not running the relay on Sunday, let's go again for a 7 to 9 miles run!

  • 7 miles: 2 laps counter-clock-wise + out and back to 18th St.

  • 8 miles: 2 laps counter-clock-wise + out and back to Brooklyn

  • 9 miles: 3 laps counter-clock-wise

Feeling ready? Probably not! try to run 20 to 30 minutes twice this week! Run in the morning - Run at lunch time - run after school - Take a break from homework! Great time to step back and plan ahead! You'll realize you can be much more efficient after clearing your head and burning calories!  I wish someone had told me so when I was buried in tons of homework!

Practice #3 for the 5K Students


K-4 Kangaroos:

1.5 miles run last week! 3 loops around the Block! Nice Action! Great turnout both of Students, parents and volunteers!  

This week, the goal is to run 2 miles and play some nice games on the grass! Hopefully it won't be as wet as last weekend! If you are running the relay on Sunday, run only 1 mile but enjoy all the games!

5th-12thGr. Students:

Nice 2 mile run last Saturday! Did you enjoy the company of the RBO volunteers! How was the workout? Send us feedback! email exedir@rboakland.org.

This Saturday, let's have a 2 miles timed run! No stress! Just trying to organize this big group and have a more adapted training for the rest of the season. Run another mile after and hopefully play some games on the grass if not too wet! Please note that if you are running the relay on Sunday, no need to be timed on Saturday! We'll get your time on Sunday: Just run 1 mile!

RBO Enrollment still possible! Last Chance! 


New Comers will be invited in the house to register online.

 SUNDAY RACE:  39th Annual Couples Relay Oakland, CA



Feb.26,  2017


Lake Merritt at Adams Point, just before the Sailboat House, located at 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland

Bib Pickup:

Come no later than 8:15AM to get your bib number, warm up and prepare! Allow time to park!

Race start:

 9:00 AM 

Event Details:

There will be refreshments for everyone at the finish and small prizes for our unique race categories, so plan to stick around a bit after the race.

For more details on the race, please go to:  http://lmjs.org/event-2414171

Get Ready:


Sleep: This is your good night sleep. Make sure to rest Friday evening and go to bed early! 


Morning Practice: You'll come for  a short practice from 9am to 10am, mainly a warm-up and stretching session in preparation to running the 5k the next day.

Dinner: Eat a good dinner with nothing out of the ordinary. Bread and pasta are good sources of carbs, which you will need on race day. But, basically, just eat whatever type of dinner you normally eat the night before the Saturday morning practices. If it worked during the Season, it should work on race day.

Sleep:  Try to get to bed not too early, but not too late either! Do not worry if you have a hard time sleeping! Do the best you can to relax. Think positive thoughts about the race: visualize yourself running strong hills and proud as you cross the finish line, raising your hands in the air! 

RACE DAY                                               

Wake up early and drink a large glass of water, followed by a light breakfast: banana and a piece of toast with jelly or a half bagel. Stick to whatever you have been eating for breakfast prior to your RBO Saturday practices. Do not overeat; just enough to get rid of the grumbles.Too much food may give you a cramp. 

Put on your YELLOW RBO Shirt. All RBO participants must wear their RBO Shirts. It is very important to wear a shirt you’ve trained in so you won’t chafe or get an unexpected rash. Plus, it’s a great chance to show off some RBO pride!                                                    

OAKLAND RUNNING FESTIVAL (ORF17) - you need to register!


DATE: Sunday, April 2nd

Location: Lake Merritt

5K Start: 7:30AM

Half Marathon: 9:10AM


ORF17 - Students: Confirm your Participation and Sign the Waiver!

Training with RBO is nice but is not your goal to run a race?

We need to hear from you before we register you for the Oakland Running Festival:

  1. Check your calendar and make sure you have your morning of SUNDAY, APRIL 2nd reserved for the race

  2. Follow the link below, fill the form, read the policy terms and agree to them! Submit the Form. It's that easy and will take only a minute, well may be 5 if you read all the small legal lines! 

  3. Thanks for confirming as soon as possible! 

If you don't want to fill the form online, check at the table! we'll have a few paper forms for you to fill and sign!


ORF17 - Parents: Register Now! Don't delay or it will cost you more! 

Are you planning to run at the Oakland Running Festival with your children?

if the answer is YES, then Follow these steps

  1. Fill the form at the link below

  2. For payment, you can follow the link at the bottom of the registration page to pay with a debit or credit card.

  3. Otherwise, please plan on bringing money to practice and find me: Nancy, to deliver your payment.

  4. Your registration won’t be official until RBO has received your payment!

  5. Watch out! the current rates, $30 for the 5K, $70 for the Half and $95 for “we run the challenge” or the Marathon will go up on March 6th. Don’t delay! Sign up now!

  6. Thank YOU!

If you don't want to fill the form online, check at the table! we'll have a few paper forms for you to fill and sign!



Do you know how RBO got started?

Thank Tod next time you see him at practice!



Who plans your practice? It starts with Christine, RBO Head Coach!





And this week, Meet some of our RBO Coaches:

Emily and Oliver are leading the K-4 Kangaroos.





Jeff leads the 5th to 12 th Gr. 5K Runners




We have a nice crew of coaches for the Half, too!

Meet Rick this week!

Last but not least....

AlwaysBehind the Scene....    Nancy


  • Despite the rumors, I'm unfortunately not Christine's sister!
  • and  yes sometimes we exchange a few words in French!
  • and..... you get lots of emails and texts from me!

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