Practice #3 - January, 21st

What could get in our way this weekend?

  • rain? may you know... Rain or Shine, we run! 
  • Women's March? nope...You might have heard: Women's March is happening in Oakland this coming Saturday! The March meets at 10:00am at Madison Park and starts walking towards the lake at 11:00am. We'll be done by then so just come run!

OUR PLAN: BE DONE by 10:15AM!  

  • All students will run one loop around the lake.
  • This will be a timed run!  Check the Tip of the Week below to help the students run their best...
  • The faster students (under 35-40 minutes) will run an extra mile...


Practice #5, on Saturday, February 4th,  will be a 5K timed run at Crissy Fields in San Francisco

  • We are reserving a bus to drive the students there: Bus will leave Oakland (Camron-Stanford House) at 7:45am. NOTE That this is earlier than usual practice! 
  • Depending on the number of students, we'll have volunteers join the bus ride. Otherwise, we will organize a carpool next week.
  • We'll run from 9am to 10am and get back on the bus at 10am to make it back to Oakland by 11:30am.
  • Here is the link to the Crissy Field parkrun info
  • You need to register if you want to get timed - This is a one time registration and you can go run as often as you want after at Crissy Field and other parks worldwide that are in the parkrun network. Follow this link to register....

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Hold your horses / Pace Yourself!

Practice #3 with our 5K timed run will be the perfect opportunity to work on L.A.P.S.! With a special focus on PACE!

  • Students will all start together and will receive a numbered card when they reach the "finish " line, after running counterclockwise around the lake.
  • Christine will be recording all runners time with the help of some volunteers. 
  • Please record their time too if possible

Students will get excited and anxious about the timed run. Most of them will start out too fast and then will have to walk.

That's where L.A.P.S. will help:

L: Listen   

  •     Anxious? excited?
  •     Shoes are OK? 
  •     Anything hurting?
  •     Breakfast? (they can always grab some food at the registration table).   
  •     First run? 

A: Advise   

  • Everyone is "in" , the timed run is not a tryout. It isjust to determine groups so Run Mentors can support students the best. 
  • This is your own timed run, don't try to run like your friends.
  • Don't go with your friends who are much faster than you
  • Don't staywith your friends who aremuch slower than you


  • First mile: Hold their horses. Have them be able to exchange words with you for the first mile. Control their pace.
  • Second mile: Have them pick up the pace. 
  • Third mile: Keep moving, push hard for the last half mile.
  • Going out too fast: Have them reset, make them walk- breathe.
  • For slower students: Alternate walking and running- With less walking for the last mile. Remain positive. Remind them they will improve. 
  • For new students and 5K students: Be vigilant with their pace. If three miles is too much, have them turn around at Wayne streetbut make sure to let the registration table know.  


  • Stay with them
  • Be super positive.
  • Encourage them to work alittle bit harder.
  •  It's OK if there is more than one volunteer per student.
  •  Pay attention to the slower students.
  • Make sure they grab a numbered card given to them when they cross the" finish" Line and have them bring it to the table.
  • if you recorded their time too, give it at the registration table
  • IN their newsletter, the students were told about the Aesop's Fable: the tortoise and the hare"Slow and Steady wins the race!". Ask them about it!!!
  • THANKS!!!!

Registration for ORF17 finally open!!!

  • You have been waiting for it!  Start registering for the Oakland Running Festival
  • Get the Best Rate by registering through us !