2/18/2017 - Practice and Race Info

Volunteer Get-Together 

When: Wednesday, February 15th from 6:00PM to 8:30PM

Where: The Trappist,  460 8th St, Oakland

Bring a friend! We are always welcoming new volunteers. We just started the 5K Program and would love to have more run mentors for our 5K Students.



LAST CALL FOR Sunday, Feb. 26th  RACE!

Looking for more quality time with the students you mentor?

Join us for the LMJS Couple Relay at the Lake  on Sunday, February 26. it starts at 9:00AM and each participant runs 5K.

Not sure who to run with? No worries, we'll find you a partner for the day!

Don't forget to register before Monday, Feb. 20th!


Practice Plan for this Saturday


This Saturday, students will have to run at least 7 miles and up to 9 miles (not 10!)

  • 7 mile: 2 laps counter-clock-wise + out and back to 18th St.

  • 8 mile: 2 laps counter-clock-wise + out and back to Brooklyn

  • 9 mile: 3 laps counter-clock-wise

  • Practice should end around 11:15-11:30AM at the latest...

5K - 5th to 12th GRADERS

2 mile run (turn around at Brooklyn ) after a 1/2 mile warm-up run and a fun relay with obstacles.  Followed by our popular hill sprints and stretching....

Practice should end around 10:30AM

5K - K-4

Lots of Games and drills and a little bit of running around the block to get to 1.5 mile smoothly but surely!

Practice should end around 10:30AM


TIPS OF the Week

Don't forget that it will be much easier to run these extra miles on Saturdays if you take the time to go run for 20 to 30 minutes twice during the  week! Take a break from your homework, find a friend and go run together! I heard some of you are getting up earlier to take the time to run during the week! Not kidding! Bravo!

Watch your diet! Less Fat, less sugar! More vegetables! Pasta and rice of course! An Apple a day, may be! And Bananas contain potassium, which can help you with post-workout muscle soreness. We'll have our Nutrition Clinics in a few weeks but let's get started with a few tips every week! and don't hesitate to ask questions if you are not sure what's good or not!


A few good rules we shared with the student this week


  1. Always wear your RBO Gold Shirt (your BLUE SHIRT FOR VOLUNTEERS)

  2. Be on time! to allow practice to start on time at 9:00AM, plan to arrive by 8:45AM to check-in

  3. No stopping/ no parking on the Camron House driveway!

  4. Don't bring your pets!

  5. Let us know if you can't come to practice: email exedir@rboakland.org or text me back on the Friday text Reminder.

  6. Check-in and Check-out are mandatory!   Please form a nice line - no cutting in! First Come, First Serve! 


Listen to the Staff and Volunteers: Look for the Orange RBO Shirts for the coaches and the Blue RBO Shirts for the Volunteers.

Don't talk to strangers on the trail - Always follow the Orange and Blue RBO Shirts

Respect other RBO ParticipantsEverybody is here to have fun. Learn the names of your running mates.

Respect your surroundings: We are lucky to have such a beautiful space to share in the center of Oakland. Let's make sure we keep it clean!

ALWAYS RUN on the right side of the trail. We are sharing the trail with other fellow runners, dog walkers, bikers, and so many other people who enjoy being out at the Lake like us. Let's follow the common rules!

Participate to your best: the program has been designed to prepare you to participate in races after a short but efficient training and in a friendly environment. Get the most of it by following the guidance of the coaches and volunteers.


Don't leave without stretching

Check-out at the table

Enjoy the snacks but be careful if you have nuts or other food allergies!

Wait for your ride with us. Let us know if your ride is delayed or if you need to call someone.

To Get to the Finish Line, you need to start somewhere first!

Now is a good time to register!

You Still Have time to Fundraise for RBO!

Raise $200, win your entry to ORF17 Half or 5K.

How can you do this? Follow the link below for more details....

Have Questions?