2/25/2017 - Practice and Races Info....

Practice #8 for the Half Marathon Students


Nutrition Clinic:

Laura, RBO Volunteer and Planning Associate at La Clinica de la Raza will share with us some basic nutrition facts and health tips. 

Last Week Run:

Many thanks to all the Half Marathon Mentors who chose to go help the 5K Groups! That was much needed and made a big difference!

This Week Run:

If you are running with students who have registered for the LMJS couple relay on Sunday, make sure they take it easy on Saturday and reserve their energy for the race. We're asking them to run 3 miles max!

if your students are not running the relay on Sunday, let's go again for a 7 to 9 miles run!

  • 7 miles: 2 laps counter-clock-wise + out and back to 18th St.

  • 8 miles: 2 laps counter-clock-wise + out and back to Brooklyn

  • 9 miles: 3 laps counter-clock-wise

Please remind your students to try to run 20 to 30 minutes once or twice during the  week!  Encourage them to Run in the morning - Run at lunch time - run after school - Take a break from homework!  Discuss how it can be a great time to step back and plan ahead! Explain how it will help them be much more efficient after clearing their head and burning calories! 

Practice #3 for the 5K Students


K-4 Kangaroos:

1.5 miles run last week! 3 loops around the Block! Nice Action! Great turnout both of Students, parents and volunteers!  Thank You volunteers for all responding to the call and for bringing such great support to the students.

This week, the goal is to run 2 miles and play some nice games on the grass! Hopefully it won't be as wet as last weekend! If your students are running the relay on Sunday, have them run only 1 mile but they can enjoy all the games!

5th-12thGr. Students:

Nice 2 mile run last Saturday! Jeff was so happy to have the great support of so many volunteers! Thanks for all the help!

This Saturday, we'll have a 2 miles timed run! No stress! Just trying to organize this big group and have a more adapted training for the rest of the season. Please help the students show their best! Run another mile after the timed run and hopefully play some games on the grass if not too wet! Please note that if your students are running the relay on Sunday, they do not need to be timed on Saturday! We'll get their time on Sunday: Just have them run 1 mile!

Tip of the Week

We have given you that tip before but remember that your students need targets as they run. Shoot for the next big sign on the trail or for the columns or whatever other visual ahead of you and have your students hold their pace until they reach that target! Then Allow them to  slow down and walk for a few steps. Limit the number of walking steps. Get them to stretch a little and start running again gently, not too fast! Always Pace them!

SUNDAY RACE:  39th Annual Couples Relay Oakland, CA


Feb.26,  2017


Lake Merritt at Adams Point, just before the Sailboat House, located at 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland

Bib Pickup:

Come no later than 8:15AM to get your bib number, warm up and prepare! Allow time to park!

Race start:

 9:00 AM 

Event Details:

There will be refreshments for everyone at the finish and small prizes for our unique race categories, so plan to stick around a bit after the race.

For more details on the race, please go to:  http://lmjs.org/event-2414171

One More Thing

Don't forget to wear your BLUE RBO Shirt. All RBO participants must wear their RBO Shirts. Let's show off some RBO pride!    


Did you get the Memo? It's time to register before the rates go up!!!


DATESunday, April 2nd

LocationLake Merritt

5K Start7:30AM

Half Marathon9:10AM


 Are you planning to run at the Oakland Running Festival with RBO Students or on your own?

if the answer is YES, then Follow these steps

  1. Fill the form at the link below

  2. For payment, you can follow the link at the bottom of the registration page to pay with a debit or credit card.

  3. Otherwise, please plan on bringing money to practice and find me: Nancy, to deliver your payment.

  4. Your registration won’t be official until RBO has received your payment!

  5. Watch out! the current rates, $30 for the 5K, $70 for the Half and $95 for “we run the challenge” or the Marathon will go up on March 6th. Don’t delay! Sign up now!

  6. Thank YOU!




Many thanks to all the Volunteers who have launched a Fundraising Campaign!

It's Definitely work and your effort is much appreciated! 

Check our stars and see how you can join the club!

Looking for some fun runs with a discount?

I have 3 for you today!


Run the Bay Challenge Series

RBO loves East Bay 510K which is the last event of the "Run the Bay Challenge" Series. The first event is coming really soon in San Jose!

Event #1: San Jose 408k (4.97 miles)

Date: Sunday, March 5th

More Info and Registration:  run408k.com

Discount: 10% off -  Very nice offer from JT's Team!

Contact Nancy (exedir@rboakland.org) to get the promo code... 


Bay Area Trail Running Festival

Scena Performance runs the Vertical Challenge Series! Asking for tough runs? You got it!

Event: Garin Regional Park, Hayward, CA

Date: JUNE 11, 2017

More Info and registration: 2017 registration is NOW OPEN!

Flat Rate for RBO Volunteers: $15 whether you run the 5K,  10K or Half! Very Generous Offer! Check the rates!

FREE for RBO Students!!!

Contact Nancy(exedir@rboakland.org) to get the promo code.


Ancient Redwood Running Festival

Scena Performance has reserved the whole park for the weekend! Love camping? This one is for you!

The Ancient Redwood Running Festival’s race central will be located in the Wildcat Campground where runners, friends, and families have the opportunity to reserve a campsite and participate in a lively welcome feast. Book a spot through Scena for up to 8 for the weekend.

check the details: http://scenaperformance.com/events/ancient-redwood-adventure/

Location: Hendy Woods, Philo, CA

Date: May 20, 2017

More Info & Registration: 2017 Registration is NOW OPEN!

Discount:  20% off the run registration whether you run 5 miles, 10 miles or for 6 to 12 hours!  Can you resist now?

Contact Nancy (exedir@rboakland.org) to get the discount code

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