2/11/2017 Practice Info & more news....

Thanks to all the volunteers who came to run with RBO students! What a fun run! Wet feet and muddy shirts but that was part of the fun! Thank YOU!

8:00AM: Volunteer Training on Saturday, 2/11/2017

if you have not attended yet this season,

please don't miss it!

More Students are joining on 2/11! Exciting!

8:00AM: On site Enrollment for new students - Come help our families register online


8:30AM: Check-in and distribution of shirts and water bottles.

  •  Half-Marathon Students and the few 5K students who started in January:  Separate check-in, OUTSIDE at the tent.

  • 5K check-in for newly-registered students will be in the Camron Stanford House where they can pick up their shirt and water bottle and get their waivers signed.

  • Volunteers sign-up split-up  too: Half-Marathon outside, 5K inside.

9:00AM: Practice starts

 Make sure you join the correct group


HALF MARATHON: Follow Kishi, Rick, Martin, Will.

  •  Half Marathon students will welcome a guest: Pat Der who is planning to run 31 miles around the lake (10 laps) to celebrate his 30th birthday on 2/11 and who has raised over $1,500 for RBO for the occasion! Students and volunteers will run a lap or 2 with him.

  • Half Marathon Students should plan to run 6 to 8 miles: 

    • 6 miles: 2 laps counter-clock-wise
    • 7 miles: 2 laps counter-clock-wise + out and back to 18th St.
    • 8 miles: 2 laps counter-clock-wise + out and back to Brooklyn
  • DONE by 10:15AM to 10:45AM - The faster you run, the earlier you'll complete the training.
  • If you have the time and energy to run a couple more laps with Pat, that would be great. 

  • Ask your students if they had time to run during the week and how many miles or how long they ran
  • One more thing: check the students running shoes and encourage them to check with Tod for donated shoes.

Advanced 5K Training: Follow Jeff 




Standard 5K Training (5th to 12th Grade): Follow Teermatie



K-4th Graders: Follow Emily and Oliver

This week plan for Half Marathon Runners...

6-8 miles run:

  • 6 miles: 2 laps counter-clock-wise

  • 7 miles: 2 laps counter-clock-wise + out and back to 18th St.

  • 8 miles: 2 laps counter-clock-wise + out and back to Brooklyn

When will you be done? It all depends on your pace! 

  • if you complete the run around the lake in 20 minutes or so, plan to be done by 10:15AM 

  • If you need 30 to 40 minutes to complete one lap, you should be done by 10:45AM

  • This includes warm-up and stretching.

Mark your Calendars: Wed. 2/15 - RBO Volunteers Get-Together

So far I'm thinking Drake's as usual or Mad Oak Bar

6:30PM to 8:30PM

Send me your vote or ideas before Friday if you know a place big enough for 30 to 40 of us! 

Your Student Buddy?

At this point, some of you might have found their match and are training with a student for the Half or the 5K. If you did, please make sure to let Nancy and Christine know by writing the first name of the student(s) on the Volunteer Sign-up Sheet or send me a note: exedir@rboakland.org


LMJS Couple Relay on Sunday, Feb. 26 

Please Register before Monday, Feb.20th. If you don't have a teammate, we'll find one for you. 

Oakland Running Festival 2017

  • The earlier you register the better for RBO: we need that great spot in the middle of the action

  • Tell your friends to register with us too: we have the best rate!

Fundraising for RBO

You can do it! Fundraise $200 and get your Festival Registration covered by RBO!

Beanies or Caps?  


Tip of the week: Be aware of your breathing rhythm...



Your body needs a good deep inhalation in order to get oxygen deep into the lungs where it can be transpired into the bloodstream.

Better oxygenated blood means more oxygen getting to the muscle where it's used to make energy.

More energy means more endurance. 

  • Mouth: Breathe in and out primarily through your mouth when running.

  • Belly: Use your belly ( diaphragm) to breathe not your chest

  • Fat belly:    Expend your belly while breathing in. Contract your belly when you breathe out.

  • Run Tall

  • Relax shoulders-arms.

  • Focus on Exhaling. Breathing in will come naturally.

  • No rapid breathing ( Rapid breathing equals shallow breathing and you won'tdeliver enough oxygen to your muscle )

BREATHING RHYTHMthat's the number of foot steps you take with each foot while breathing in or out.



3:3 rhythm (three steps –as shown on the left)

one step with your left, one with your right, one with your left while breathing in) works best for warm-ups and most easy paced days.This allows plenty of oxygen to be inhaled through the lungs, processed, and then exhaled with relative ease.

 2:2 rhythm

would mean you take two steps (one with your right foot and one with the left) while breathing in and two steps (again, one with your right foot and one with your left) while breathing out. 2:2 rhythm is good when you pick up the pace,