3/18/2017 - Only 2 more practices and we are talking busy!

Half Marathon -

Longest run this week!

This week goal is to run 10 to 11 miles! Yes, you read it right!

To make sure we keep you and the students in great spirit for this long run, RBO invited Verity Breen!

Verity comes to us with an impressive athletic background. Her life is all about running and... traveling and when I asked her to send her bio she sweated more in front of her laptop than she does running a marathon! She is an Aussie and she speaks really fast - as fast as she runs: get some caffeine before you come to practice to make sure you can follow her. She is planning to run the 3 + laps around the lake with RBO Half Marathon Students and tell a few funny stories as you go.

Check out Verity's story at the bottom of the page.

I was going to remind you of all the great tips we talked about over the last 10 weeks but I'll keep it for next week - You have enough to read here.....

Details of the run

  • Lap 1: Counterclockwise

  • Lap 2: Clockwise

  • Lap 3: Counterclockwise

  • Lap 4: Clockwise

    • 10 miles: Turn aroundHarrison and GrandBridge

    • 11 miles : Turn around past Fairyland at the Gazebo.

Please, remind the gals to stop by the house at the end of their run to meet the Oiselle team and get their donated gears

5K Older Students

No loop around the lake for you this week!

This week, depending on the readiness of your group, Jeff will have you and your students run 2.5 to 4 miles, running counter clockwise first from the House and

  • getting to the columns(2.5 miles), or
  • to the nature center(3 miles) or
  • to fairyland(4 miles)
  • and coming back from there.

Look for the marks on the trail to know where to turn back and

Don't forget to high five RBO runners as you cross them on the trail!

Please remind the RBO gals to stop by the house after checking out to  meet the Oiselle Team!

5K - Younger Students

How far can you go? How fast can you get there? 

Need some tips to get your students to run more and walk less?

Here are a few ideas from our coaches Oliver and Emily:

  • set "checkpoints":  find a landmark and say we are gonna keep running until we get there.

  • Then when you get there say "that was too easy, let's go to the next one" and make a game out of it.

  • Avoid giving criticisms on running form, speed, etc...

  • Keep it positive (we like the 4-1 positive to criticism rule! : 4 nice comments before you can bring an advice to the table! Tough to do! is not it? Well, I'm sure our nice crew of volunteers  can manage that! Piece of cake!


!!!!Monday, March 20!!!!

Still missing confirmation from 70 students!

Please ask your students if they confirmed their participation in the race on April 2nd

and if they don't know, have them check at the table before they go!

Getting Ready for the race....

Where and When can you get your race packet? 

Race packets will be distributed at the Expo on:

  • Friday, March 31st from 5PM to 7PM

  • Saturday, April 1st from 9AM to 4PM

Expo Address:

OAKLAND MARRIOTT CITY CENTER-1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607

Where does the race starts on Sunday morning?

The village with the start/finish line will be at the Eastshore Park, surrounded by Lakeshore Ave, Grand Ave, Embarcadero and MacArthur Boulevard.

This is a very busy area.  Parking will be super difficult. Plan to come early

When does the race starts on Sunday morning?

5K - We need you to checkin by 6:30AM - Race starts at 7:30AM

Half - We need you to checkin by 8:00AM - Race starts at 9:10AM


All you want to know about Verity....

Wanda Beach Classic. Course Record..jpg

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia.
Youngest of four adopted children.
Years running: 30.
Years racing: 28

ATHLETIC OVERVIEW As a kid Verity (V) did lot's of sports, liked to try all kinds of things. The rule was (by her father) that if she did not finish a season then don't ask to do a new thing.
So the lesson of finishing things began.
Her parents had a lot going on so V had to get herself to the game or ballet or whatever and get herself home. During the tennis phase she would walk 3 miles either way to the lesson on the Saturday and worked out a good shortcut through the local nature reserve.
The lesson of making things happen was learned.
At 22 she bought a bike and a car and set off from Sydney to Queensland to a new job and a new start. It was time to leave home and grow up.
The lesson of being brave began.
Early on, Triathlon was the sport of choice, and V, self coached, was selected to join the Australian Triathlon Team for the World Championships in 1991.
But quickly, V decided that she had in reality fallen in love with running. That running was her best bet to do well and travel the world. Running felt like home.
V has raced all over the globe, India, Bangkok, USA, New Zealand, Japan, French Polynesia, Fiji etc. Running became a ticket to adventure everywhere. And it was AWESOME.
Over the next three decades Verity won several State and National titles over distances ranging from Cross Country all the way through to 50km roads. With a lot of consistency, hard work and good humor V has completed over 140 marathons, 250 or more triathlons and lord only knows how many other races of various distances as well. CRIKEY.
A prolific racing list and injury free since 1991. Not that there are not days when she has the odd niggle or is sore from racing but V has rules about not beating her body up. To build up and get stronger. To treat her body with respect and kindness.
Trust that it is progression not perfection that counts.
Once upon a time when V decided to leave the group she was running with to self coach herself in running, she was told if she was lucky she might win a race or too and do ok.
V decided that was bad advice, that it was not about luck, life is about preparation.
But most of all about believing you can do stuff even if other people try to limit you or label you.
The end.

1991. Australian Triathlon Team.
Olympic Dist.
Gold Coast.AU
1998. Aust Marathon Rep. Athletics Aus.
Bangkok Marathon.
2001. Australian Mountain Running Team. World Mountain Running Champs. Italy.
2003. Australian Marathon Champion. Sydney Marathon/ National Championship
2004. Selected in Prime Ministers Five.
2009. Australian 50k Road Champion. Canberra Marathon. Australian 50k Championship.
2011. Australian Team. Ultra Trail. Comm Champs. Wales. Bronze

Closer to Home: Oakland Running Festival
V loves ORF and makes a point of running it every year if around.
2010: Marathon 3:08-1st age group, 2nd F
2011: Half-marathon 1:21 1st F
2013: Half 1st age group, 2nd F 1:23
2014 Marathon1st age group, 2nd F, 3:22
2015:Marathon, 1st age group, 4th F. 3:21
2016: 5K, 2nd age group 2nd F, 20:15

Verity's Favorit QUOTES:
The reason we race isn't so much to beat each other, but to be with each other.” Christopher McDougall.
Born To Run. “Nobody reads a book to get to the middle.” Mickey Spillane

Important Dates

Get Together at Drake's on Thursday, March 23rd-Let's hope for nice weather

Questions? Feedback? Comments?