3/4/2017 - Practice and ORF17 and more




You have been training so hard over the past month(s) with the students,

and our big race is the big bonus! 

The Smile of your students when they cross the finish line? YES 

The Medal and ORF Shirt? YES or NO?

Don't forget to register!

Don’t miss the deadline to pay the best price!




We want to thank LMJS, Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders, and all our RBO runners for a great event last Sunday! The couple relay was a lot of fun and our students and volunteers gave their best, winning a lot of prizes.

Many thanks to Todd, photographer at the race who shared a lot of his beautiful pictures with us. 

This Week Practice - HALF MARATHON

REMEMBER: Only 3 more practices after this one!

This week, it's happening: Nutrition Clinic with Laura Z.

Then, Let’s raise the bar! The goal is to have the students run 8 to 10 miles.

  • 8 Miles: 2 laps + out and back to Brooklyn

  • 9 Miles: 3 laps

  • 10 Miles: 3 laps + out and back to 18th St.

Which way?

  • 1st lap: CounterClockwise with Cascade stairs,  1 to 2 sets (max)

  • 2nd lap: Clockwise, 

  • 3rd lap CounterClockwise

End of Practice?

Likely to BE DONE by 11-11:30AM! It all depends on the pace of your students!  BE on time! 

Tips of the Week: 

Work on mental with your students: When their legs hurt, their body is tired, but the brain is the engine.

Stick to the plan, commit to the training, challenge them:  It will work for anything they will try to accomplish! 

Turn negative thoughts into Positive thoughts:Today let's conquer the stairs! 

Break down the work out intopieces.

  • 1st lap: Focus on the stairs-something new-something fun!

  • 2nd lap: No stairs, I am done with that , easyeasy!!! Let's run smoothly.

  • 3rd lap: Dig in deep inside, Ican do it! I am almost done. I am running with wings.

  • For 10 miles runners: They are warriors going back once more but just one more mile!!

This Week Practice - 5K - 5TH TO 12TH GRADERS

Great timed run last week: All the students completed the 2.5 mile run! Nice job!

This week, we are splitting the large 5K group in 3 groups based on timed run speed, after warm-up. Check the Results to find the group you'll mentor.

  • Group 1 will run 4 miles, cascade stairs included (1 lap around lake or turn somewhere???TBD)

  • Group 2 will run 3 miles , cascade stairs included (1 lap around lake or turn somewhere???TBD)

  • Group 3 will run 2.5 to 3 miles, cascade stairs included (turn at the stairs?????TBD)

  • Of course this include a fun warm-up, core and stretch and some drills and hills 

Tips of the Week:

  • Meet a mentor and have him/her run with you. It will help and they are fun! 

  • Look for the marks on the trail to let you know where to go, where to turn!

  • Conquer the stairs! You can do it!

If you're not helping with Set-up, Check-in and Registration, PLAN to Arrive around 8:35AM - Debrief at 8:45AM.

This Week Practice - 5K - K-4th Kangaroos

why Kangaroos? because we get them to hop around a lot!

The younger students will run 2.5 miles around the block

New format this Saturday! 

  • The faster the students run, the faster they can get to the Game "Stations"!

  • No one left behind, but we want to make sure our faster runners don’t stay idle while the rest of the group complete their run!

Tip of the Week:

  • Run with a few students or Stay at a corner and make sure the students follow the right group!

  • Get the parents involved! Make sure you remind them of the ORF17 registration Deadline! March 6th: price goes up!!!!!

If you're not helping with Set-up, Check-in and Registration, PLAN to Arrive around 8:35AM - Debrief at 8:45AM.

We never say it enough: Thank YOU! 

From Last week:

Looking for some fun runs with a discount?

I have 3 for you today!


Run the Bay Challenge Series

RBO loves East Bay 510K which is the last event of the "Run the Bay Challenge" Series. The first event is coming really soon in San Jose!


Event #1: San Jose 408k (4.97 miles)

Date: Sunday, March 5th

More Info and Registration:  run408k.com

Discount: 10% off -  Very nice offer from JT's Team!

Contact Nancy (exedir@rboakland.org) to get the promo code... 


Bay Area Trail Running Festival

Scena Performance runs the Vertical Challenge Series! Asking for tough runs? You got it!

Event: Garin Regional Park, Hayward, CA

Date: JUNE 11, 2017

More Info and registration: 2017 registration is NOW OPEN!

Flat Rate for RBO Volunteers: $15 whether you run the 5K,  10K or Half! Very Generous Offer! Check the rates!

FREE for RBO Students!!!

Contact Nancy(exedir@rboakland.org) to get the promo code.


Ancient Redwood Running Festival

Scena Performance has reserved the whole park for the weekend! Love camping? This one is for you!

The Ancient Redwood Running Festival’s race central will be located in the Wildcat Campground where runners, friends, and families have the opportunity to reserve a campsite and participate in a lively welcome feast. Book a spot through Scena for up to 8 for the weekend.

check the details: http://scenaperformance.com/events/ancient-redwood-adventure/

Location: Hendy Woods, Philo, CA

Date: May 20, 2017

More Info & Registration: 2017 Registration is NOW OPEN!

Discount:  20% off the run registration whether you run 5 miles, 10 miles or for 6 to 12 hours!  Can you resist now?

Contact Nancy (exedir@rboakland.org) to get the discount code

Video Editing Help: 

Looking for someone to edit  "I love RBO" Video. Make it more dynamic! Add Music? Add some running pieces? What else?


If you have ideas and expertise, please contact Nancy: exedir@rboakland.org