3/11/2017 - Practice, ORF 17 and More!!!!

Volunteers, we need your help at the ORF expo on Friday, March 31st and Saturday, April 1st!

Please come help at the expo:

  • Assist with flow & management of Health & Fitness Expo

  • Assist with Runner Registration

  • Assist with distribution of Race Packets

  • Assist with distribution of Runner Premiums

Follow the link below to SIGN UP Directly

Don't forget to select RBO as your Organization when filling the form!

3 Practices before the Oakland Running Festival - ALMOST THERE!

3/11 - 3/18 - 3/25

We still have a lot of work to do!!!

5K - K-4

We keep the same goal of running 2.5 miles around the block and playing lots of games before and after!  

But.. we want our students to: 

Run More, Walk Less! Gain some speed!

Quiz of the week:

What works for you? How do you get your students to run more and walk less? Share your ideas!

I'll have some stamps with Animals, Sun and more patterns, at the Water Station Table this weekend. Would that help? Get a stamp on 2nd lap! 3rd lap! etc...

5K - 5th to 12th Grade

Because of the rain, we played it safe and canceled the stairs last Saturday.

No rain so far in the forecast this week so the Stairs are back in the plan:

  • Group 1 will run 4 miles, cascade stairs included 

  • Group 2 will run 3 miles , cascade stairs included 

  • Group 3 will run 2.5 to 3 miles, cascade stairs included 

  • It might look similar to last Saturday but....The warm-up and stretch will bring some variety, particularly If the grass is dry enough!

  • Nutrition Clinic after the warm-up and before the run.

This is the Group that could benefit from the help of a few more volunteers: all speed welcome!  Bring a friend!


It's all about the students and how far they have run so far!

ran 9 miles or more last week?

They get a break and can run 6 Miles this time

did not get to 9 miles yet?

They need to pick a goal and stick to it:

  • 8 Miles: 2 laps + out and back to Brooklyn

  • 9 Miles: 3 laps

  • 10 Miles: 3 laps + out and back to 18th St.

Which way?

  • 1st lap: CounterClockwise with Cascade stairs,  1 to 2 sets (max)

  • 2nd lap: Clockwise, 

  • 3rd lap CounterClockwise

Can't make it on Saturday?

It's SAT Test Day and we'll miss our Juniors and Seniors!

We are checking if some of them want to make it up on Sunday - There is an LMJS long run on Sunday, March 12 you can join too....

Date: Sunday, March 12th
Location: EastShore Park at 550 El Embarcadero & Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland
Time: 7:45 am for 8 am start
Distances: 11 miles (half marathon training) & 20 miles (marathon training)
An aid station is provided - It is advised participants also bring their own fluid/supplements to run/walk with.


Who are you mentoring?

Did you get a note from Christine? If not, please start the discussion....

Questions?Comments?Feedback? Ideas?