The RBO Team is happy to welcome you for the 2019/2020 training with two (2) races offered at no extra cost to the students in the Fall and two (2) more in the Spring. Additional races might be suggested and discounted, but RBO is not planning to have an official presence at these extra races.

RBO encourages all participants to sign-up for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 at the same time to get the best registration rate.

The Fall Season begins Saturday, September 7

  • 9/07 - practice

  • 9/14 - practice

  • 9/21 - practice

  • 9/28 - practice

  • 10/05 - practice

  • 10/12 - no practice

  • 10/13 - race on Sunday = East Bay 510K

  • 10/19 - practice

  • 10/26 - race on Saturday afternoon = Hellaween

  • 11/28-Turkey Trot-- family are offered a 50% discount entry- Run on their own.

The Fall Season ends on Saturday, October 26 with a short celebration at the end of the Hellaween costumed race.



RBO Families are offered a 50% discount entry at the Oakland Turkey Trot On Thursday, November 28. ***

*** Please Note that the RBO Team is not planning to be at this event. Runners will have to register on their own with a discount code, follow direction from the organizers to pick-up bibs and get the details on the race. Happy Thanksgiving!