It's no secret! Good Attendance and Regular Runs are Key to your success, and will get you to the Finish Line....

6 to 9 miles last Saturday! Great Progress!  

Can you do a little more on Saturday, February 17? 8 to 10 miles should be your goal this week! 

How to get there?

#1 - Come to RBO mid-week training: a short run at Mountain View Cemetery and Yoga at You and the Mat on Piedmont Ave OR RUN on your own or with a friend! You'll feel the difference! 

#2 - Make sure you sleep enough - you know what you need! Get your homework done early. 

#3 - Eat and Drink Healthy! Soda or Water? Cookies or Apples? Pasta or Burger? Tough choices!

#4 - Come to practice and if you have not paired up with one of RBO friendly mentors yet, don't be shy! Ask Coach Christine or Nancy to help you! 

#5 - Run some extras like the LMJS couple relay on Sunday, Feb. 25 - Please note that you will run less on Saturday to keep your stamina up for Sunday!

More Info:


◊ Registration: Closed for the Half!

◊ Check-in: 8:30am to 8:50am


<>  OISELLE and the Bras for Girls Program

<> ASICS and how to select your Running Shoes.

◊ Practice: 9:00am to 11:00-11:30am (it depends on your speed!)

◊ Practice Location: next to the Camron-Stanford House, 1418 Lakeside Drive - Oakland

◊ Running Plan:  this Saturday, Feb.17, the goal is to run 8 to 10 miles after a short warm-up and before a productive stretching session.


Countdown: 5 WEEKS to the Oakland Running Festival!

Parents & Friends: get the best discount for the Oakland Running Festival by registering early with RBO!  Register and pay online or Find Nancy at practice to register on paper and pay cash.... Everybody is welcome to register through RBO!

You got an extra week: prices have not changed yet but will go up on Sunday, Feb.18!

Students: you can now fill the form and agree to the waiver terms - no payment is needed

OIselle Visit! for all RBO Gals!

Mark your Calendar! Saturday, February 17!

The RBO Team is so happy and feels so lucky to get the great support of Oiselle and their BRAS FOR GIRLS Program.  RBO will have a special program for 5th to 12th grade girls on Feb.17 from a great educative presentation to a warm-up and run led by Haute Volée Athlete, Alisha Brown and followed by an amazing donation of Oiselle sports bras. More details have been sent to all interested students or  Contact Nancy  for more info...

ASICS Visit - for all Students

Mark your Calendar! Saturday, February 17!

Wondering how to choose the best shoes for running?  this one is for you! Should be very informative! Chase is one of our best sources for Shoe Donations! He does a great job at feeding RBO's demand!  Chase will lead the warm-up for the 5K and might bring some ASICS accessories as prizes! Don't miss it! 

LMJS couple Relay

Interested in running a 5K, buddying with a friend to complete a 10K? This is a fun race on Sunday, Feb. 25 with lots of nice prizes for the winners in each category!

Enroll online here or  look for the LMJS Couple Relay  registration form at the table and return it by Feb.17 to let us know you are coming!

Mid-week Training

It's obvious! Running once a week is not enough to have you ready for the Half Marathon on March 25th!

Some of you have a plan and run during the week or play a different sports. But not everybody does! We encourage you to participate in our complimentary mid-week training.

You can join us:

  • just for the 45-minutes Yoga class: meet  at 3:10pm at You and the Mat,  3966 Piedmont Ave  or

  • for the run: meet at 2:35pm at the entrance of the Mountain View Cemetery,  5000 Piedmont Ave. There will be someone to store and watch your backpacks while you run! or

  • for both: run + yoga class

IT's not too late to join. This unique pilot program will be going for 8 weeks. Try it and you'll love it! Most of all, you'll feel the difference during our long runs on Saturdays....If you are planning to come, follow these 2 steps:

Students, are you going to run on Sunday, March 25?

RBO needs to hear from you by March 8 - Please confirm your participation in the Oakland Running Festival by filling the sign-up form