Don't Delay!

Please confirm your participation in ORF18 and sign the waiver:

You have to do it by March 8!!!!!!

if you really don't want to sign up online, there is always the paper version at practice!

PARENTS running ORF18.....

Same Deadline: March 8!!!!!!

if you really don't want to sign up online, there is always the paper version at practice!

Rate went up a little but we still have the best rate!

if you Pay Cash or Check at practice, you get the lowest rate, ie $30 for 5K! 



◊ 5K & Half Marathon RBO Enrollment: Closed!

◊ Check-in: 8:30am to 8:50am - You have seen the line! Come early!

◊ 5K Practice: 9:00am to 10:15am-10:30am  - it depends on your students speed and yours!

◊ Half Marathon Practice: 9:00am to 11:45am - it depends on your speed and the distance you'll run!

◊ Practice Location: next to the Camron-Stanford House, 1418 Lakeside Drive - Oakland

Nutrition Clinic for the 5K Students - Peter Madril is back just for you!

Running Plan:  this Saturday, Feb.24, the goals are:

◊ K-2: 2 miles

◊ 3rd to 5h graders: 2 to 2.5 miles

 5K  Middle School and High School Students:2.5 to 3 miles

◊ Half Marathon Students: 8 to 10 miles except for the students who are running the relay on Sunday and who will run 3 miles on Saturday at a steady pace!

if you did not find the info you are looking for, please contact us...


OIselle Visit! 


The Oiselle Team was just amazing! From their very genuine presentation of the BRAS FOR GIRLS Program to a very dynamic warmup and fun run that all lead to the exciting distribution of bras, RBO girls were in for a treat!  A big Thank you to Sheena and Alisha for coming over and making us all feel very special! 


How could you thank Oiselle Back?

Is not it inspiring to see the generosity of the Oiselle Team? Want to write a short or long note to tell them how much you love your new athletic bra or draw something if that's your talent? Please, don't be shy and bring it at the table at practice or send it by email! We'll make sure we forward it to Sally, Sarah, Alisha and Sheena!

First Come, First Serve....

We have a few more bras to distribute. Fill the Doodle Survey to reserve your size! If you got your donation last week, please be considerate and skip this! Thanks!


A big Thank You to Chase for telling the guys about running styles and efficiency and for the nice socks!


How could you thank Chase Back?

You like your new socks? Chase's talk inspired you? Please take a few minutes to write him a note and bring it at the table at practice or send it by email! We'll make sure to forward it to him!

LMJS couple Relay

Registration is now closed - if you signed up, please find all info about the race here..

High School Students! Get Community Service Hours  by helping at the Oakland Running Festival EXPO on Friday, March 23 from 4 to 8pm or on Saturday, March 24!

It's a great way to show us how much you enjoyed all the cool things you got to do with RBO this season!

Come with a friend and have fun helping with the  set-up and distribution of the race packets in the evening of Friday, March 23 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm and all day from 8:00am to 2:00pm or Noon to 6:00pm.

RBO will need help at the tent as well to distribute the race packets to our students so you can sign-up for these shifts too.



Parents: we'd like to encourage you to join the Blue Team!

It's fun to run with your children or to watch them enjoy their time with us at the Lake. Please sign-up as a volunteer at the Tent and grab a blue shirt. Share your Oakland Pride Too and most of all, help us keep it safe for all our RBO students! Thank You!

Yoga at You & the Mat for Half Marathon Students

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 7.10.54 PM.png

Many thanks to the Studio "YOU and the Mat", 3966 PIEDMONT AVENUE, OAKLAND for reserving space on Wednesday afternoons for our students. A big thanks to Grace from being RBO instructor for these sessions.

Half Marathon Students are invited to run and yoga on Wednesdays. It's not easy to find a time that can accommodate everyone but the students who join are coming back and start feeling the benefits f the mid-week training. It's a start!

For more info.....