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  4. Info & Waiver for LMJS Couple Relay
  5. Info & Waiver for Oakland Running Festival 2018
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  7. Pay your RBO program Fees
  8. Get your shirt and water bottle at first run or first practice
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  10. Confirm your participation in the 2018 Oakland Running Festival

Come Run with RBO 


Enrollment in RBO Spring18 Program includes:

  • RBO performance running shirt
  • water bottle 
  • free race entry to the 2018 Oakland  Running Festival on March 25, 2018
  • free race entry to LMJS Couple Relay, on February 25, 2018
  • 2 Trail Runs in the Oakland Hills for Half-Marathon Runners
  • all coached practices
  • volunteer run mentor support
  • healthy snacks
  • In addition, throughout the season, participants will hear from experts about nutrition, injury prevention, running etiquette and more!
  • we are also always looking into other races and activities you can participate in with us for no additional costs.
  • End of Season Trail Run and Potluck in Oakland Hills Park

Your Committment:

  • 5K RUNNERS: You commit to attend at least 4 of the 7 Saturday practices spread out over the Spring 18 season that goes from February 3 to March 25. 
  • HALF MARATHON RUNNERS: You commit to attend at least 8 of the 11 Saturday morning practices between January 6 and March 25.
  • Make-ups on the long runs can be arranged for Half-Marathon Runners on a couple of Sundays.
  • You must contact either Coach Christine or Exec Director Nancy if you are going to miss a practice.
  • You have checked and reserved your morning of Sunday,March 25 to participate in the 2018 Oakland Running Festival
  • You do have the options of training with us and not participating in the Oakland Running Festival as long as you let us know at enrollment time.
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Program Fees:

  • Fees are on a sliding scale and vary by school site ( see the Tiers list).
  • The fees range from $10 - $30  for 5K RUNNERS
  • The fees range from $20-$60 for HALF-MARATHON RUNNERS
  • RBO loves big families and will be glad to give a family discount.
  • FINANCIAL AID IS AVAILABLE TO ALL WHO APPLY.  Just let us know when you fill the Enrollment Form and will get back to you to confirm your program fees. 
  • Free Enrollment in RBO Program if your school has joined the Ed Fund Runs for School Program. 


Payment Options

Please, look for an email from to confirm the payment amount due.

  1. You can bring cash or check at first practice
  2. You can pay online below


Online Payment

Please Select the correct Option

in the drop-down menu under Registration Fee

to submit the correct payment. 

 (check the school lists under each tier)

if  you are not sure which Tier to pick, please contact us...