Tod made it! 58 Miles in 11 Hours!

Yes, we were lucky on Saturday! It was dark when we arrived at the Camron-Stanford House at 6:00am but already we could see the sky had cleared up after the rain on Friday.


Just an hour after we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise on the lake and by the time the students and our friend Stomper from the A’s Team arrived at 9:00am, we had an amazing blue sky! 


And Tod kept running! Passing by quickly at the RBO Tent to eat and drink and say hi to Stomper and the students!


Not sure Tod was the best example as far as nutrition but it worked for him! He started the day with a donut and bad coffee because Peet’s was not opened yet when he tried to go there at 5:30am! And then, he ate a few more donuts! and some Gu Chewables while he drank mostly water.


We should have kept better track of his pace when  he passed the marathon distance and more but did not! Sorry! For sure he had a great pace around 10 minutes per mile early on and on average over 11 hours, he was at 11 minutes 22 seconds per mile! Another 11 and multiple of 11 for our Run Eleven-11/11  Event!

Volunteers and students joined him from the start, running, couple of laps if not more with him! 


Early afternoon, he asked for quiet time and ran one lap on his own: muscle pain was hitting him and he needed time to focus and strategize.


RBO alumnus and now volunteer, Paul ran it all from 10:00am after practice to the Greenlining at 5:30pm, always respecting Tod’s space! When we saw Paul arriving at the RBO Tent we knew Tod would come in the next 5 to 10 minutes! Many more did run but fear to miss a few if I name them! 


By 5:30pm, Tod still looked great and ready to run for at least another hour if not more. He was debating getting to 62 miles. Check the photo! Did not he look great?



Well, all that effort was not for nothing! And that’s thanks to you all generous donors who showed your support all along!

We reached our goal of $11,000 by the time Tod started running, and got our generous match of $10,000 too!

 as of 11/11/17-5:00PM 

as of 11/11/17-5:00PM 

By the end of the Run Eleven party at Greenlining 360, we were really close to $25,000 total! Just a couple hundreds to get there!


We genuinely appreciate the tremendous generosity of our sponsors and donors! This will all be put to good use to the benefit of Oakland young runners, to cross-train them (yoga for Half-marathon students), reserve buses to initiate them to trail running and of course cover the shirts for all and the races fees, and much more…


Here at RBO, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and  hope to have your continuous support! And of course a big thank you to Tod for his relentless energy to get all the support RBO needs to help Oakland Youth!


To Donate.....



Run Eleven - 11/11 Run-a-thon for RBO. Every $ counts toward our donor generous match