RBO Scholarship Program

2018 Scholarships

We here at RBO cannot explain how EXCITED we were to present our second round of  scholarships to 8 RBO Seniors at the end of the 2018 Spring Season! We wish our best to all our scholarship recipients: Andria, Naomi, Alan, Angelo, Carlos, Jonathan, Jessie, and Sergio.


2017 Scholarships

Julia Zhang (Iowa State) and Mason Emura (CSU Monterey) each received $750 checks. Paul Mei applied later in the summer after deciding to join Notre Dame de Namur and the Board was happy to grant him a scholarship too.

Thank you to Pat Der (pictured with Julia and Tod Vedock/Founder) for fundraising specifically to provide RBO first scholarship. Mason was presented with his check by Nancy Phillippine/Exe Dir. & Tod Vedock).



"I love how RBO, unlike many other running groups, has a warm, supportive, and encouraging atmosphere. It makes a difference when nobody is left behind, no matter how slow one is."

"One of the times when I felt the course of my life redefined was when I heard Pat Der declare that he would run ten times around the lake, and that he would donate proceeds to charity. Hearing his declaration to run 30 miles made me see how many people do things purely from the goodness from their heart."

"The most meaningful experience I had was being partnered with Amanda as my running mentor. Not only is she an expert marathon runner, but also we really clicked. From her I grasped how I could help my community. "


"I remember having many challenging moments in RBO. I remember my first 5K practice. I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to be at home sleeping. Instead I was out running. As I started my first warmup, I looked back apprehensively at my dad wondering how I got myself into this. I remember struggling during stair day. I remember being very scared for my first 5K. But as I did more 5Ks I realized they were pretty easy. "
"From training for the half marathon, I definitely learned to push myself and to never give up."

"RBO has truly changed my life for the better. I’ve made so many friends, including my mentor Astha. I have become much healthier as well. Running has also helped me mentally.  It helps me clear my mind and feel focused. It helps me release a lot of my energy."

"I definitely plan to keep running after I leave RBO."

11 mileS Practice - Paul & Kyrah

11 mileS Practice - Paul & Kyrah


"RBO Mentors taught me to pace myself so that I don't die in the half marathon. Running with RBO has taught me that I can achieve my goals if I have confidence in myself ."
I think the most difficult time I had in RBO was on the day of training when I ran 11 miles with my mentor Kyrah. It was a smooth run until the last 2 miles. I thought that it would be a good idea to push my limits on the last few miles. Before I knew it, Kyrah and I were racing back to the finish line. It was really difficult but I kept pushing myself because I didn't want to lose. As hard as this experience was I would do it again because of the rush I felt while racing and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. It was really fun having someone really fast to run with because it motivated me to push myself."
"As I move on towards college, I plan on returning to RBO as a volunteer"

What does it take to get a scholarship with RBO?

  • Be a Senior in High School
  • Run a Half with RBO after participating to the RBO program assiduously 
  • Be College-Bound or Army-Bound
  • Write a couple of short essays, answering questions about the student running experience and more.
  • And a few more things to be announced....