Why an RBO Team?

RBO provides students in your Team with:

  • registration to ORF17
  • tech running tees, water bottles, sneakers (where needed) 
  • coached support for a 13-week program (half)
  • coached support for a 7-week program (5K),
  • positive and supportive adult Running Mentorship from our great team of RBO Volunteers at Saturday practices.

RBO provides your community (teachers and parents) with:

  • discounted registration to ORF17
  • blue(volunteer) tech running tees
  • coaching and training guidelines
  • fantastic new friendships and connections
  • offers to a couple of casual social events
  • the chance to give back to the Oakland community in a refreshing way

RBO offers:

  • flyers to distribute and/or display in your school or community center
  • visit to your school in December or January to present the program
  • a session with RBO coaches to plan your team training
  • connection to volunteers who might be able to help during the week
  • feature your team on RBO website
  • close tracking of the Half Marathon runners progress (timed several times over the 13-week program)

Your Team check-list:

  1. Identify a team administrator…………………..The administrator helps with the logistics needed for the program to run smoothly at your school. The administrator is responsible for collecting completed registration forms and payment (or completed scholarship applications), as well as tracking attendance at each of the two weekday practices per week.                                           (we ask students to register online and will share the team roster with the Team Administrator and as long as the message is clear, we can collect the program fees or let you take care of it)
  2. Recruit a school coach…………………………....…In addition to a team administrator, each team has a school coach. The school coach will follow the RBO training plan created by RBO’s USATF Certified Head Coach, and will run with the team.                                                                          (the team administrator and school coach can be the same person)
  3. Build your team…………………………..........…………You will recruit at your school, distributing information on the program that are typical of your school: PTA meetings, flyers in the office, loudspeaker announcements, notes to teachers, etc.
  4. Establish weekday running logistics……….You must have access to a meeting spot for once to twice weekly practices between Monday and Thursday. RBO provides the training plan for the season and hosts the at-large Saturday practices, but you will identify the days and times of weekday practices. Practices can be conducted during the school day, or independently after school hours.                                                                                                                            (#4 is optional!)
  5.  Obtain principal or assistant principal approval if applicable……If you will be administering or coaching the team during school hours or on school property, you must ensure you receive the approval needed at your school.
  6. Recommended team’s registration fee amount…………………RBO is offered to any students interested in participating. The fees for the 5K program range from $10 – $30 per student. The fees for the half program range from $20 - $60 per student The cost is established for each school based on factors including, but not limited to, the percent of students at the school who qualify for the free/reduced lunch program. Regardless of the registration fee assigned to your school, all students are eligible for financial aid as long as they agree to fill our short financial aid info sheet.

Team Application Form:

Flyers to Download (coming soon)

  • Find your School in one of the 3 columns below and click on the Blue Button in that same column to download the flyer.
  • If you can't find your school, please contact us.


Achieve Academy
Allendale Elementary
American Indian Public Charter
Arroyo Rec. Center
Ascend Elementary
Aspire ERES Academy
Aspire Golden State College Preparatory Academy
Bella Vista (EBAYC)
Bret Harte Middle School
Brother On The Rise (BOTR)
Burckhalter Elementary / Ujimaa Afterschool Program
Campbell Village Recreation Center
Castlemont Primary Academy
Coliseum College Prep Academy
Community School for Creative Education
Cox Academy
Dewey Academy(EBAYC)
Emery Secondary School
Encompass Academy
Envision Academy
Esperenza Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Fremont High School
Futures Elementary
Garfield Elementary
Harbor House Ministries
Healthy Hearts Program
Kipp King Collegiate (San Lorenzo)
La Clinica De La Raza
La Escuelita (EBAYC)
Lafayette Elementary
Laurel Elementary
Lazear Charter Academy,
Life Academy
Lighthouse Community Charter
Lincoln Elementary
Lionel Wilson College Prep
Loldia Primary School
McClymonds High School
Manzanita Community School
Martin Luther King Jr Middle School
MetWest High School
Monarch Academy
New Highland Academy
Oakland Charter HS
Oakland High School
Oakland Unity Charter HS
Place @ Prescott Elementary
Rancho Medanos Junior High
Roses In Concrete Community School
Sankofa Academy
Seneca Family of Agencies
St. Elizabeth's Elementary School
St. Elizabeth's High School
Street Academy
Urban Promise Academy
West Oakland Middle School
Westlake Middle School
Woodrow Wilson Elementary (San Leandro)
World Academy


Claremont Middle School
Deer Valley High (Antioch)
Edison Elementary (Alameda)
Edna Brewer Middle School
Emerson Elementary
Glenview Elementary
Hoover Elementary
Malcolm X Elementary
Montera Middle School
Northern Light School
Oakland Tech High School,
Santa Fe Elementary
Sequoia Elementary
Skyline High School
St Jarlath Catholic School,
St. David's (Richmond)


Alameda High School
Amelia Earhart Elementary
Aurora School
Bentley School
Betty's Children's Academy
Bishop O'Dowd High School
Black Pine Circle School
Chabot Elementary
College Preparatory School
Corpus Christi School
Crocker Highland Elementary
Eagle Peak Montessori
Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley
Escuela Bilingue Internacional
Havens Elementary
Head Royce School
Hillcrest Elementary
Holy Names High School
Home School
Joaquin Miller Elementary and MS
Kaiser Elementary
Montclair Elementary
Nea Community Learning Center
North Oakland Com. Charter School
Oakland Military Institute
Oakland School for the Arts (OSA)
Piedmont HS
Raskob Day School
Redwood Day School
Redwood Heights Elementary
St. Paul's Episcopal School
The Renaissance School
Thornhill Elementary