I pushed my boundaries by doing things other teenagers around me weren’t doing
— Andrea - 2018 RBO Scholarship Recipient

Saturday, August 4th, 2018

Beats for Sneaks

5K/10K Fun Run,

Rock to the Beat

Fundraiser organized by RBO in collaboration with the East Bay Beer Runners

All proceeds will go to purchase running shoes for RBO Youth


I probably would have been another “couch potato” just sleeping around and doing nothing interesting with my life.
— Naomi - 2018 RBO Scholarship Recipient

A quick snapshot of RBO Spring 18 season!

If you participated in the Spring 18 season, this will bring sweet memories. If you did not, you'll wish you had been there and we hope you'll join us for the Fall 2018 training and races.

What I learned from my mentor is that running isn’t a physical battle with yourself but instead it’s all in your head.
— Jessie - 2018 RBO Scholarship Recipient

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Skyline 50K

Looking for volunteers 

RBO loves to volunteer and host water stations at races. Generous organizers like to follow-up with nice donations to RBO that fund many of our projects from renting bus to get to trail runs or races, to covering cost of the races to getting running shoes and more....

Cheer up the runners at the first Water Station of their long 50K run from 7:30am to 9:00am, hosted by RBO ! Can you come help?

There are kids here who never thought they could run a mile. … RBO has given my two kids a sense of accomplishment that they can do hard things. And they do it because we all do it together.
— Brittany Walker Pettigrew, RBO mom

Saturday, August 11, 2018

& Sunday, August 12, 2018


RBO Students run for FREE!

RBO Volunteers & Friends get a nice discount


Looking for volunteers 

By hosting 2 water stations at Oaktown, and providing a team of volunteers at Oaktown and Oakland Turkey Trot, RBO gets a very generous donation of free entries to both races for RBO Youth! Please come help us deliver our side of the bargain...

On Saturday, help at RBO Tent at Frank Ogawa Plaza -  On Sunday, help at RBO Water Station or at RBO Tent at Frank Ogawa Plaza! Can you join us to give a nice boost to RBO Fall 2018? 

Running long distances makes me feel amazing and really accomplished while pushing my body to do amazing things
— Alan - 2018 RBO Scholarship Recipient

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Mark your Calendar


RBO 1st FALL 2018 Practice


an evening at the Ball Park with the A's


Fireworks too!

Online REGISTRATION will open ON JULY 16!

or come to RBO "BEATS FOR SNEAKS" Run on AUGUST 4 to register onsite

I love how RBO, unlike many other running groups, has a warm, supportive, and encouraging atmosphere. It makes a difference when nobody is left behind, no matter how slow one is
— Julia - 2017 RBO Scholarship Recipient

Volunteers, are you looking for some buddies to run after work?

on Tuesdays.... Follow the East Bay Beer Runners to know where to find them

on Wednesdays.... Follow Transport Wednesday Night Runners to know where to find them

I remember being very scared for my first 5K. But as I did more 5Ks I realized they were pretty easy.
— Mason - 2017 RBO Scholarship Recipient

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RBO creates a great sense of community by bringing everyone together for running. Everyone is here rain or shine, and we all celebrate together when we finish
— Susan Fuentes, RBO mom & Volunteer



To build a tolerant, healthy and prosperous community by empowering students, parents and volunteers, creating new relationships, trust, and self-esteem through the discipline and rigors of a structured running program.


My son likes to exercise with his friends around, and my daughter is shy, but running with others opens her up. They love RBO
— Aida Benites, RBO mom & volunteer