If you signed up for Race #1, East Bay 510K, it’s happening this Sunday, October 13. THERE IS NO PRACTICE ON SATURDAY…

See you all at the RBO Van on the IKEA Parking lot at 6:15am to pickup your bib and then hop on the shuttle to get to the start line. Don’t be late!

for more info about the race, follow this link:https://www.eastbay510k.com/event-info/

Don’t forget to check out at the RBO tent near the finish line at Bay Street, Emeryville.

There are kids here who never thought they could run a mile. … RBO has given my two kids a sense of accomplishment that they can do hard things. And they do it because we all do it together.
— Brittany Walker Pettigrew, RBO mom



RBO strives to build a tolerant, healthy, and prosperous community. Through the discipline and rigor of a structured running program, RBO’s goal is to empower students, parents, and volunteers, create new relationships, establish trust, and build self-esteem.

My son likes to exercise with his friends around, and my daughter is shy, but running with others opens her up. They love RBO
— Aida Benites, RBO mom & volunteer