Oiselle and their "Bras for Girls" program

We were honored to get the visit of Athlete Alisha Brown, www.oiselle.com/athletes/alisha-brown, and Sheena to explain the importance of wearing an athletic bra while exercising. Their candid presentation was full of good humor and seriousness at the same time. Then, Alisha lead the girls warmup before their practice run and she joined also the Half Marathon Students, admired for her beautiful running style. 

The donation of athletic bras was the cherry on an already beautiful cake and the girls rave about their new bra and how it's the best one they ever had!

Thanks Chase for your visit on Saturday, February 17! The guys are now pros to select running shoes, analyzing their running style. Great socks too! so comfy! 

Another great practice under the sun - We love to see RBO students and Volunteers smiles as they exercise and run! We have students coming from all corners of Oakland! a few from Berkeley, San Leandro, San Francisco! More than 75 schools are represented by 1 to 50+ students!