We have a pilot program to cross-train: Run + YOGA!

Many thanks to the Studio "YOU and the Mat", 3966 PIEDMONT AVENUE. OAKLAND for reserving space on Wednesday afternoons for our students. A big thanks to Grace from being RBO instructor for these sessions.

Students are invited to run and yoga on Wednesdays. It's not easy to find a time that can accommodate everyone but the students who join are coming back and start feeling the benefits f the mid-week training. It's a start!






Thanks OTT for offering a free race to all RBO Students!


Thanks a lot for offering a free race to all RBO Runners


7th year running ORF

3rd Year running Let's Go 510 / East Bay 510k

1st year running Hella-Ween

Couple free races for our volunteers and students!

Generous Donations from runners and athletes!

Thanks to our Generous Volunteers:  great deals for the RBO community from their business!

See CaRolyn  for all your Physical Therapy concerns

See CaRolyn  for all your Physical Therapy concerns

Thanks for some great partnerships

Thanks for all the shoes!

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Thanks for hosting our fundraiser events!

Thanks for some great partnerships!

Thanks for all the great snacks, Energy Drinks and Chews, and much more...

Thanks for all the goodies: Photos, Gift Certificates, Raffle Donations, Big Discounts....